A Beautiful Boy

Don’t fall in love

with a beautiful boy

because boys don’t cry but boys do kill.

They’ll poison your brain,

they’ll puncture your heart

and they’ll never let you go again.


Here we go again.

I’m falling in love

and he’s hurting my heart,

this beautiful boy

with the beautiful brain

who’s destined to kill.


If his looks could kill

I’d look back again

and ignoring my conflicted brain

I’d surrender my love

to the hands of the boy

with the ice-cold heart.


A beating heart

couldn’t possibly kill

this lonely boy

who’s alone again

because he fell in love

in spite of his brain.


What use is a brain

against a broken heart

that needs to feel love

and so submits to the kill

again and again

for this beautiful boy.


Here comes the boy

with the beautiful brain

to claim again

my token heart

which he’s going to kill

because that’s how he loves.


He whispers to me, “Goodbye, my love.”

and he goes in for the kill

and out with my heart.

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