Poverty Princess on Tear-Jerking Pop Songs

10 Pop Songs Perfect for Pondering Dying Alone



Do you ever get that feeling where you just stop feeling at all? You’ve been through all the motions; frustration, distress, regret, heartbreak. All you want to do is cry, but not a single tear will form in the corners of your eyes. I find this lack of feeling usually resonates in 3 different circumstances:

  1. When you finally give up chasing after the one who’s just never going to want you back.
  2. When you realise that the one you’re with is no longer the one that you want.
  3. When you’ve begged them to stay, but they leave you anyway.

I’ve much more experience with the first and I’ll always remember my friend telling me I just needed to cry, grieve the loss and move on. But no matter how hard I tried, I just could not cry. If you can’t get past Step 1 then you’ve got no chance of passing Step 3.

Until now.

If this compilation of tear-jerkers doesn’t unclog your blocked tear-ducts, then you’re well and truly dead inside. There’s no bringing you back to life now. Rest in peace.

I’m joking. There’s still hope.

Put your earphones in. Turn the lights off. And cry my friend. Let it all out.

Wake up in the morning. Put your mask on. Get on with your day.

And repeat.

  1. Lies – Marina & The Diamonds



Sob Scale: 9/10

Perfect for when you realise the Bastard whose led you on for months is just not that into you.

Best listened to with your face pressed against the bus window whilst it is raining.

Strongest Lyrics:

You’re too proud to say that you’ve made a mistake

You’re a coward ’til the end

I don’t wanna admit, but we’re not gonna fit

No, I’m not the type that you like

Why don’t we just pretend?

  1. Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart – Ariana Grande


Sob Scale: 6/10

Perfect for when you finally understand that the one you love is never going to give you exclusivity and you wish you could be okay with that.

Best listened to with your back pressed against a radiator, drinking a glass of mulled wine in winter. Knee-high socks and oversized jumper optional.

Strongest Lyrics:

I know I’m not your only

But at least I’m one

I heard a little love

Is better than none.

  1. Everytime – Britney Spears


Sob Scale: 7/10

Perfect for when you regret screwing someone over and finally see how foolish you were to let them go.

Best listened to in the bath of course!

Strongest Lyrics:

I may have made it rain

Please forgive me

My weakness caused you pain

And this song’s my sorry

At night I pray

That soon your face will fade away.

  1. Love Without Tragedy/ Mother Mary – Rihanna



Sob Scale: 8.5/10

Perfect for when you look back on the monster that you wasted years on, and although he almost destroyed you, from time to time you wonder if they’ve changed and if it could work this time.

Best listened to laying across the backseat of a car, being driven down a motorway at night.

Strongest Lyrics:

You used to be this boy I loved

And I used to be this girl of your dreams

Who knew the course of this one drive

Injured us fatally

You took the best years of my life

I took the best years of your life

Felt like love struck me in the night

I pray that love don’t strike twice.

  1. Grand Piano – Nicki Minaj


Sob Scale: 7.5/10

Perfect for when you receive an intervention from your friends who are sick of seeing you cry over a loser.

Best listened to in bed, trying to fall asleep at night, spooning a pillow.

Strongest Lyrics:

Am I being a fool?

Wrapped up in lies and foolish truths

What do I see in you?

Maybe I’m addicted to all the things you do

Cause I keep thinking you are the one who came to take claim of this heart

Cold-hearted, shame you’ll remain just afraid in the dark.

  1. Better – Banks


Sob Scale: 9.5/10

Perfect for when you can’t get over someone who is in love with someone else.

Best listened to walking through the woods when it’s really, really windy.

Strongest Lyrics:

How couldn’t you see

All the water’s cold, cold, cold, cold, cold….

While you lied to me

You hide in your hole, hole, hole, hole, hole…

And why

Don’t you see?

Baby try

Try to see

Yeah, try, yeah

I can love you better than she can.

  1. Until We Bleed – Lykke Li


Sob Scale: 10/10

Perfect for when you miss the one you kept trying to fix and hoping they’re doing better now.

Best listened to jogging alongisde a river at night when it is foggy. With the occasional passing car’s headlights shining on you like a spotlight.

Strongest Lyrics:

Doors slam

Lights black

You’re gone

Come back

Stay gone

Stay clean

I need you to need me

So we’re bound to linger on

We drink the fatal drop

Then love until we bleed

Then fall apart in part.

  1. Breathe Me – Sia


Sob Scale: 9/10

Perfect for when you still haven’t recovered from the one that you always thought was going to save you, leaving you.

Best listened to walking through the city centre at midnight, wrapped up in a huge scarf.

Strongest Lyrics:

Help, I have done it again

I have been here many times before

Hurt myself again today

And the worst part is there’s no one else to blame

Be my friend, hold me

Wrap me up, unfold me

I am small, and needy

Warm me up, and breathe me.

  1. If I Were A Boy – Beyoncé


Sob Scale: 5/10

Perfect for when you still hurt from all the lying and the cheating.

Best listened to cycling around the park in Summer on a rented bike.

Strongest Lyrics:

It’s a little too late for you to come back

Say it’s just a mistake

Think I’d forgive you like that

If you thought I would wait for you

You thought wrong

But you’re just a boy

You don’t understand

Yeah you don’t understand

How it feels to love a girl someday

You’ll wish you were a better man

You don’t listen to her

You don’t care how it hurts

Until you lose the one you wanted

Cause you’ve taken her for granted

And everything you have got destroyed

But you’re just a boy…

  1. Dancing On My Own – Robyn


Sob Scale: 8/10

Perfect for questioning why you were just never good enough for that ex.

Best listened to in a club at the end of the night, when you’re an absolute mess and have lost all your friends.

Strongest Lyrics:

So far away, but still so near

(The lights go on, the music dies)

But you don’t see me standing here

(I just came) to say goodbye

I’m in the corner

Watching you kiss her

Oh oh oh

I’m giving it my all

But I’m not the girl you’re taking home

Ooh ooh ooh

I keep dancing on my own (I keep dancing on my own)

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